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My name is Wintrell Pittman and I am the C.E.O of W.R. Pittman Enterprises and I would like to introduce you to a new and exciting product which will change the way you protect yourself from the germs and sweat left behind on exercising equipment at the gym or where ever you work out.  This new product is called "D Bench Jockey."  "D Bench Jockey" is simply a specifically designed towel which gives the user added protection from the sweat and germs left behind on an exercise/weight bench.    I am excited to let you know that D Bench Jockey has received a design patent and a utility patent.  Yes, you can make a purchase of D Bench Jockeyas seen on "Good Morning Memphis."
QUESTION:  How will "D Bench Jockey" protect you from sweat and germs during your workout?
ANSWER:  If you notice "D Bench Jockey" has a patented design which allows it to fit over most exercise machines.  The handle is placed near the middle of the towel and the top of the towel is placed over the top and back side of an exercise machine or weight bench.  With the expertly placed handle and design of D Bench Jockey, you can simply pick it up by the handle and the top of the towel (which never touches the soiled part of the bench) and take it to another machine without coming into direct contact with the soiled side of the towel.  In other words, "D Bench Jockey" separates you from the unclean surface of a work-out bench.
D Bench Jockey not only protects you; but it also protects the equipment.  It does this by not allowing the sweat and moisture to come into contact with the surface of the bench.  This prevents the cracking and destruction caused by the continual exposure to the sweat and the spray used to clean it
QUESTION:  What else is out there to keep you from getting those disease causing germs on your own precious body? 
ANSWER:  Well there are  mainly two things people do to protect themselves from the sweat and germs left behind on a bench or machine:
1)  Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels
2)  A regular towel (face towel or some kind of athletic    towel)
QUESTION:  How is D Bench Jockey better than these?
ANSWER:  First of all it is a fact that is known through out the medical community that the over use of anti-bacterial spray could cause some physical damage to the user, in that one could become susceptible to flesh eating bacteria or a super bug which could develop from the over usage of products which contain anti-biotic.  In June of 2000 the AMA (America Medical Association) warned against the over usage of such products because of the potential dangers associated with them. The World Health Organization also issued similar warnings during June of 2000 also.
Another draw back with using the spray and paper towels, is that you normally have to interrupt your work out just to go and get the spray and then the paper towels.  Once you have cleaned the bench; you next have to trash the soiled paper towel.  So not only are you exposing your body parts to this potentially dangerous spray; but you are also interrupting your work out to do so.
The usage of a face towel or athletic towel is obvious.  Once you put it on the bench you contaminate yourself as soon as you pick it up; and even worse you might just wipe your face with the side of the towel which may have come into direct contact with someone else's sweat. D Bench Jockeyallows you to wipe your face with the unsoiled side of the towel because you already know the side with the handle is the clean side of the towel.  If you have ever taken a towel to the gym and placed it on an exercise bench than at some point you wiped your face with that same towel not knowing which side was on the soiled bench.
Well, with D Bench Jockey you will never have any of these problems.  You will not need the spray or paper towels and therefore you will not have to interrupt your workout to go get them.  The expertly placed handle will alert you to which side is soiled so unlike the face towel you will know which side was on the contaminated side of the work bench.
QUESTION:  What do I do with D Bench Jockey while I am working out on the tread-mill or the stair stepper?
ANSWER:  That strong cloth handle will allow you to hang D Bench Jockey on the handle bars of the tread-mill or stair-stepper.  If you need to do free weights just hang D Bench Jockey on the rack which holds the extra weights. 
QUESTION:  What else does D Bench Jockey protect?
ANSWER:  If you are a fitness center owner or manager; than you know the constant exposure of your equipment to sweat causes it to wear away and crack. D Bench Jockeywill protect your equipment from the sweat and germs its normally exposed to and thereby stop the cracking and destruction of the equipment!
D Bench Jockey can also be used to cover seats at the movie theater, and airplane seats.  Think about it no more leaning forward while watching the movies, with D Bench Jockey securely on the back of the seat you can lean your head all the way back and relax while you watch your favorite movie!
SUMMARY:  Now you should know there is a product which is simple, functional and practical and it's called D Bench Jockey, "Cover it up and protect yourself."
  For companies looking to buy for distribution or wholesale here is some very valuable information:  D Bench Jockey has a solid dobby terry construction towel and the weight is 730gsm.  The pc weight is about 128g/pc.  The lead-time for the D Bench Jockey for a large quantity is 60 days and  if it's a small quantity a bout 45 days.  If you are a buyer for a sporting or athletic store please email me at:  pitt9084@bellsouth.net and I will be glad to give you more information on how your company can distribute and sell this great new product! 
The price of D Bench Jockey has dropped from $15.00 plus $ 1.40 tax and add $6.00 for shipping and handling to $10.00 plus $1.00 tax and $6.00 for shipping and handling.  You can make your purchase right now through the Pay-pal link at the top of this page.  The normal price for D Bench Jockey is $25.00 plus tax and shipping.  It is recommended that you purchase at least one
Bench Jockey for each day of the week you workout.  For each Bench Jockey you purchase there will be a 10% discount.  Example: 1= $10.00 plus tax and shipping 2= $18.00 plus tax and shipping and 3= $27.00 plus tax and shipping.  The price of shipping and handling will remain $6.00 regardless as to how many you order.  Come on, what do you have to lose?  Get D Bench Jockey today and be one of the first to try it.  Once you use D Bench Jockey you will wonder how you ever did without it!  

If you live in Memphis, Tennessee and would like to purchase D Bench Jockey simply give me a call at:  901-826-8140 and I will meet you at your workout facility and still give you the special price mentioned in the previous paragraph (must purchase at least 3 bench jockeys for this service.)  If you purchase only 2 or less there will be a a trip charge of $5.00.   
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